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Artist Biography
As it is with many artists, my journey has covered a wide range of styles over the years as part of the creative growth process. My art is my unique personal narrative — a visual diary of thought processes and response to the art world past, present and future. It is also an expanding of the spirit; the more we “see”, the more we see within. Art is universal; it touches our soul, teaching us to experience a greater part of ourselves and others; pointing us toward the very essence of life itself.

My love for art has existed since early childhood, gaining appreciation of the greatest masters of the renaissance, continuing on to witness “art” as forging outward in new directions, continually changing and forever affecting the world around us.

Being mainly self-taught, having experimented with many media, I began concentrating my efforts painting in oils around 1999, and now work almost exclusively in that medium. I eventually received a scholarship to Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. For a number of years, I taught private students of varying levels and ages. After a long hiatus from public exhibitions (concentrating on private shows), I now have returned to the public forum

My work has been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, various art exhibits of different types and private shows, receiving a number of awards and honors. Among collectors of my work are gallery owners and persons from various countries as well as the United States. Every artist’s personal journey is different. The interaction between viewer and artist is all a process of learning and experiencing new ways of seeing things. Change and growth are a continual part of life, and becomes who we are and how we perceive.

To create art is to leave behind a marker of passage as it were, to say “here are the things one human being thought and experienced, questioned and learned" but moreso, I hope to entice the imagination of the viewer, perhaps to pose a question in their psyche, or present a sense of serenity and completion— I have found it to be a unique sharing experience.

My journey continues.

California Art Club

La Galeria Gitana

CURRENT Exhibits:

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NOW OPEN by appointment only due to Covid 19

Dec. 10, 2020 - Will
update at new opening.

La Galeria Gitana -
"Above and Below the Sea: A
Life Worth Protecting"
6/18/20 - 8/11/20

La Galeria Gitana -
"Reflections Of Life"
7/18/15 - 9/18/15

La Galeria Gitana -
"A Matter of Taste"
4/11/15 - 6/12/15

La Galeria Gitana -
"Treasured Recollections -
Recalling The Past"
8/23/14 - 10/18/14

La Galeria Gitana -
"Splendors From The Garden"
4/26/14 - 6/ 14

La Galeria Gitana -
"Glorious California -
The Lay of Its Land"
11/2/13 - 12/24/13

Min W Gallery -
9908 Las Tunas Dr. - Unit "A"
Temple City, CA

Juried Art Exhibition
8/19/13 - 9/14/13

La Galeria Gitana -
"A Nod to Art Nouveau
and Deco Design
" -
1/26/13 - 3/15/13

La Galeria Gitana -
"From Equinox to Solstice" -
10/27/12 - 12/21/12

La Galeria Gitana -
"The Eastern Aesthetic - Asian Influence in Art" -
4/14/12 - 6/15/12

La Galeria Gitana -
"Purely Physical -
Finessing the Figure
" -
1/21/12 - 3/23/12

Historic Blinn House
"Golden State Treasures " -
California Art Club
Juried Exhibition 12/4/10 - 4/27/11

Historic Blinn House
"Magnificent Miniatures" -
California Art Club/Juried
1 day Sale: 12/4/10 - 5:00 - 9:00